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The Shop Has Been Redecorated

Welcome to stogapink! This is a website that specializes in all things pink and cute, providing you with various pink-themed products and services. Our website primarily offers pink-themed gaming room decor, including wall stickers, desktop decorations, lighting, carpets, and more. We understand that a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing gaming room is essential for gaming enthusiasts. […]

Bazier-“Pink Skirt”

Frederick Bazier (1841-1870) Born in Montpellier, France Impressionist painter Frederick Bazier was born in Montpellier. He was born into a bourgeois upper class who believed in Protestantism. He studied medicine and painting when he was in Paris. Makes him relaxed and happy. When registering and studying painting in the studio of the Swiss painter Greer, […]

Pink Building, Spring is Born

Pink is a happy color and has a profound emotional impact on people. It symbolizes the atmosphere of joy, just like “home”, friendly, peaceful, and joyful. According to research in color psychology, pink is considered a calming color that highlights kindness and femininity. Pink is reminiscent of romance and vacation. Its light and bright tone […]

The Pink World Made of Concrete

The Ghanaian-born British architect David Adjaye designed a peculiar pink concrete space for his first project in California, the refurbishment of the Beverly Center, which lasted for many years and cost $500 million. The Webster store is located on the corner of the street and covers an area of ​​1,022 square meters. The curved façade […]

The Incredible Siberian Lake Looks as Delicious as Strawberry Milk

The fusion of blue sky and raspberries is breathtaking, which is what attracts people to Burlinskoye Lake (Burlinskoye) in Russia’s Altai Krai. The photos you take in this place look like they are on a different planet. This lake is also the largest source of natural salt in West Siberia. So, what is the salinity […]

First Look at The Pink Buildings Scattered in This World (3)

MalaysiaMasjid Putra The Pink Mosque in Putrajaya, Malaysia It is modeled after the Hassan Mosque in Casablanca, Morocco Is the largest mosque in Malaysia It is also the largest floating mosque in Southeast Asia Even the halal clothes in the temple are pink The Pink Mosque (Masjid Putra) is located in the new administrative center […]