Is the Humidifier Really Useful?

Whether it is summer or winter, when we turn on the air conditioner indoors, we will feel that the room is very dry and uncomfortable. At this time, many people will buy humidifiers to increase indoor humidity. Nowadays, humidifiers are everywhere in our homes or offices. Let me introduce the functions and benefits of humidifiers. […]

The Incredible Siberian Lake Looks as Delicious as Strawberry Milk

The fusion of blue sky and raspberries is breathtaking, which is what attracts people to Burlinskoye Lake (Burlinskoye) in Russia’s Altai Krai. The photos you take in this place look like they are on a different planet. This lake is also the largest source of natural salt in West Siberia. So, what is the salinity […]

Color Psychology Test: Color Has Personality(2)

To There are not many people who purely like white, and most of them yearn for the pure beauty of white. Many of them have high demands on love and career and tend to be perfectionism. But white people are also particularly prone to loneliness. Therefore, people who like white are susceptible to external influences […]

Headphones Usher in Rapid Development? The Addition of These Three Functions will Effectively Enhance the User Experience(2)

Headphone wearing detection function In-ear detection is an innovative feature loved by users in the rapid development of TWS headsets. It relies on the optical sensor to realize the automatic pause / automatic playback function of the removal, which effectively improves the user experience and avoids the problem of power consumption when not in use. […]

Headphones Usher in Rapid Development? The Addition of These Three Functions will Effectively Enhance the User Experience(1)

The first headset was born in 1881, mainly for communication. By 1895, people began to use telephone lines to relay live music performances to home communication headsets, and headsets began to have a relationship with listening to music. The first true headset Baldwin was born in 1910. It has a history of one hundred years, […]

Are You a Controller Pie or a Keyboard and Mouse Pie? Trends in Game and Play Control

Compared with other media, games are an operating computing system that focuses on “input” and “feedback”. It is different from movies and novels that only require watching taste. What’s more important is that you go to “play” (PLAY), so input somatosensory, Operational response and human-machine interface have always played an important role in game theory […]