STOGA Cute Raccoon Animal Wireless Controller for Switch

When it comes to gaming on the Nintendo Switch, the joy-cons aren’t enough for couch coop. You can play Most of the 1st party Switch games with family. But the joy-cons are too small when playing individually. It doesn’t take long that you think of buying a Switch pro controller, but they cost $60-$70. Why do you need to buy a genuine controller when you can have all the features for half the price? Enter Stoga pink Raccoon Animal Wireless Controller for Switch, explicitly designed with great unique ergonomic design. Following are the great features for a fraction of the price.

Low Latency and Turbo Speed

Minimum latency within 10 meters, giving a great range to play your favorite games. The range is great when you play on a big screen and sit comfortably on your couch with friends and family. Anti-interference technology comes with the controller, which won’t interfere with other controllers giving you a smooth playtime.

The Raccoon controller gives you 4-speed modes in turbo mode, perfect when playing arcade and especially action games. You’ll be winning in no time when playing super Mario or Mario Super Smash Bro. Ultimate. The turbo function is really great if you get tired of playing action games too soon.


The Wireless Controller for Switch comes with a 500mAh battery that gives you 5-7 hours playing time and can be recharged back in 2-5 hours tops. The battery provides excellent play and standby time that will last you long.

Multi-Function Support and Vibrations Mode

The multi-function support lets you set different modes for different games without fiddling with the Switch menu settings. This function also allows you to set macro, which is easily changeable.

The raccoon Wireless Controller for Switch has 4 vibration modes, designed with powerful built-in motors precisely to your liking with perfect responsiveness:

  • No Vibration – 0%
  • Weak Vibration – 30%
  • Medium Vibration – 70%
  • Strong Vibration – 100%

Pink Raccoon Design

This Pink Animal Raccoon Wireless Controller for Switch comes in a beautiful curvy design that grips your hands comfortably. The smooth curves don’t tire your hands, even during extended plays. Cute little Raccoon ears give excellent support for your fingers when using the bumpers. The sticks are placed ideally having grips so that your hands don’t slip even during intense gaming. Furthermore, the controllers are very responsive with professional quality.

Powerful Pro Features

For half the price, you get pro and precise controls. Both sticks provide 360 degrees of precision without any dead areas. Perfectly designed direction and control buttons give a great tactile feel to each touch for the most intense Metroidvania games.

This Wireless Controller for Switch comes with a 6-axis motion control which hardly comes with this much precision with a similar price from other controllers. The best part is that it can be connected to most consoles and even PCs with simple plug-and-play functionality, no longer needing to wait for downloading drivers.

Finally, the controller can also wake the console up from sleep which is hardly seen in 3rd party controllers.

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