Stogapink Panda Joypad Controller

A perfect joypad can make your gaming experience smooth, especially when it fits well in your hands. Just a decade before, there was no such concept of the ergonomics of joypads and most of the gamers already know the struggle behind it. Using a joypad nowadays is totally a different experience.

The manufacturers have started focusing more on the user-friendly experience along with the functionality as well. This is the reason why we see different shapes and designs of joypads.

Pink Panda Design

Stogapink is here with another epic girly design for your Joypad Controller. It isn’t just a controller, it’s more than that! This pink panda design would be a perfect choice for your girly gaming setup. Talking specifically about the design ergonomics of this joypad controller, so it comes with curved-shaped handles which allows you to have a firm grip on the controller.

Battery Capacity

The Panda Joypad Controller comes with a massive 400mAh of battery which provides a solid 10 hours straight gaming experience. It takes around 3 hours to completely charge the battery. The 10 hours of continuous gaming make this joypad a perfect travel companion.

Programmable Macro Buttons

You can combine every single button’s function into only one button (M) as per your requirements. It means that you can combine A / B / X / Y / L / ZL / R / ZR into one single button (M) quite conveniently. The buttons are completely programmable so you can set up pretty much anything that works well for you.

Wireless Connection

It’s simply Plug and Play. There’s nothing extra to worry about. Just plug the controller, wait for the system to make a pair with it, and there you go. Both the wired and wireless connection are seamless and features a stable connection. Just slide the Stogapink Panda Joypad controller to the switch control and it will automatically get connected.

6-Axis Somatosensory

With the availability of double vibration and 6-axis somatosensory functions, you can feel an ideal gaming experience with the real-time vibrations response of the Joypad Controller. Whether it’s a shooting game or a racing one, the Stogapink Panda Joypad Controller performs best in every single game by giving you real-time vibration feedbacks.

A Perfect Gift!

This Panda Joypad Controller design is so eye-catchy that it can be a great option to gift your loved one. This controller is a perfect choice for friends, family, kids, and even for parties. This joypad controller can enhance the experience of having some fun with your special gamer friends.

USB Type C

The Stogapink Joypad Controller comes with two USB Type C ports for a fast and reliable wired connection. These little advancements in this joypad make it one of the most reliable joypads in the market.

So, this was all about the all-new Stogapink Panda Joypad Controller which can enhance your gaming setup ambiance. For an entire girly pink gaming setup, finding a perfect matching joypad controller is quite difficult, but Stogapink is here to offer an entire range of gaming accessories to help you build an epic gaming setup.

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Panda Joypad Controller for Switch, STOGA Panda Series Controller


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