Cute Kawaii Large Gaming Mouse Pad with Stitched Edges

Who doesn’t need a comfortable desktop experience while gaming? Everyone does!

Stogapink is here with another pink stuff. You can now make your desktop setting look more adorable with our Cute Kawaii extended mouse pad that comes with a Wrist Rest. The adorable design of this large mouse pad will help you complete your overall pink desktop setting.

Complete Your Pink Theme

For girls who’re making their desktop tables look cool and girly, we’ve got you covered with another girly product. This cute kitty design will grab everyone’s attention and it’s so charming that it fits perfectly with your entire pink theme.

This large mouse pad has a unique design that literally stands out and makes your table setting look adorable. It comes in two different color schemes; pink and gray. It’s not designed only to give you a pinkish feel, but it covers much more than that.

Fine Stitches Across Edges

Your old mouse pad would definitely be torn apart from edges by now. It’s because of the poor-quality stitches or even the lack of it. Many of the mousepads don’t come with stitches and it makes their life quite shorter because at some point in time, those edges are surely going to get torn off.

But our cute Hawaii large mouse pad comes with everything you could ever expect. The stitches on the edges are so fine and durable that it won’t let the mouse pad gets tear apart.

Mouse Pad Surface

With that being said, let’s jump into the material of the mouse pad. Well, this mouse pad comes with a superior control surface which makes it convenient for you to use your mouse and keyboard. Moreover, it comes with a non-slip rubber base that will not move by any chance.

Our anti-slip shading design won’t let your mouse pad move across the table. It is quite necessary to keep things under control when you’re gaming or doing work, and it feels quite disturbing when your mouse pad keeps on sliding on the table.

Mouse Pad Size

The size of this mouse pad is quite large, you can easily place both keyboard and mouse and you’d have plenty of space to work with. The mouse pad itself is 72cm long and 40cm wide.

The mousepad also comes with an epic bracer and hand rest. Both these items match pretty well with the theme of the mousepad. The details of this mousepad are so deep that the hand rest has a claw design printed on it so that it fits perfectly well on the design printed on the mousepad. Also, the bracer that supports your other wrist while typing, also comes with the same cute Kawaii kitty style.

The bracer has a 13.4cm length, 6.6cm width, and 2cm height. The 2cm height comes from the magic foam which provides a smooth experience while typing. The ergonomic design of the bracer and hand rest are quite comfortable that your hands won’t get red with long hours of gaming.

The hand rest comes with a length of 41cm, a width of 6.8cm, and a height of 2cm. The hand rest also comes with a magic foam that gives extra nice cushioning to your hand.

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Cute Kawaii Wrist Rest Support Mouse Pad Set- Non-Slip Rubber Base


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