Wireless Mute Keyboard and Mouse Combo 2.4G

Who doesn’t love a Honeycomb Mesh, huh? And what if your keyboard has it too?

Honeycomb mesh design has always been charming. So, we came up with a unique and creative design to make your fantasy come true. Our new Wireless Mute Keyboard comes with an amazing hexagonal-shaped button along with a perfect mouse combo that fits well with the overall design theme.

The entire theme is based on Stogapink’s legacy, bringing ease to women.

Wireless Connectivity

These pink keyboards and mice use 2.4Ghz wireless technology for their connectivity with any of the devices which makes them ultrafast Wireless devices in connectivity dimensions. The 2.4Ghz wireless technology creates a durable, reliable, and stable connection which leaves no room for any delay. This Wireless Mute Keyboard and Mouse combo can connect wirelessly within the diameter of 10 meters from the device.

In order to connect your mouse and keyboard with your device, all you need to do is to plug in the USB receiver that comes along with the package and that’s it. No drivers are required to install.

Battery Performance

When it comes to being a wireless device, the question starts to arise that how much would it last? Is it worth buying for college or travel?

Well, this isn’t just an ordinary keyboard. It comes with an intelligent power-saving chip that uses minimal power to keep the devices alive. It also has 3 dedicated power-saving modes with different intensities.

This combo requires only 2xAAA and 1xAA battery to perform its function. The chipset used in the devices is so smart that automatically switch to sleep mode when they detect no input signals from the user. This is why these batteries can go for months without changing.

DPI Adjustable Mouse

Whether you’re a gamer, streamer, or office guy, we all need DPI adjustable mouse to help us achieve our instant needs. You might want to scroll some extra pages quite faster or adjust the sensitivity for your gaming experience, all of this can be achieved by DPI adjustable mouse.

This wireless optical mouse has a modern ergonomic design that would give your hand a more comfortable feel.

Media Key Buttons

Media keys are also integrated into the keyboard to let you control your playlist wherever, whenever!

You can pause, play, stop, play the next or previous song with only one tap.


This thin and mute keyboard can fit perfectly in your handbag. This cute Wireless Mute Keyboard and Mouse combo can be taken anywhere without worrying about the weight. This entire combo weighs slightly more than 500 grams which makes it convenient to carry around.

Muted Keys

The keys are whisper quiet but they give a nice little feedback in a click sound to let you know that your strike has been registered. Moreover, the colors of the keys are so vibrant and perfectly blends with the pinkish girly theme. The key caps are multicolored to make them stand out on the panel. They look incredibly awesome and the girly theme is followed throughout the combination.


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Keyboard Mouse Combo Wireless 2.4G Mixed Color Mini Keyboard Mouse Set


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