Everything You Need to Know About Magic Keyboard

Looking for a slim, easy-to-carry, and ergonomic keyboard? We’ve got your back with our Magic Keyboard!

Whether you’re an office guy, a student, or anyone who has a routine need to interact with the computer, you would definitely need a keyboard that caters to all your needs. Other than being slim and smart, you might want it to be wired and wireless simultaneously. Moreover, cross-platform compatibility and some epic RGB lighting have become must-to-have features.

Our Magic Keyboard comes with everything you’ve ever wished for. Let us travel you through our guide on how helpful and convenient this slim keyboard can be.

Wired and Wireless

Our Magic Keyboard comes with dual functionality. It can either be used with a wired connection and wireless as well. The battery backup is super amazing and it provides an intelligent power-saving battery up to 12 months of battery life.

The product comes with a battery embedded inside and it’s still lightweight! The battery performance is pretty impressive and on standby, the keyboard would automatically switch to sleep mode. The smart energy-saving chips are used to make it assist you for a longer period of time.


The round keycaps give it a vintage vibe and are quite satisfying when pressed. It’s so slim that you can easily carry it in your handbag or a backpack. Being lightweight makes it more versatile, you won’t have to worry about carrying the extra weight along the way.

The volume knob and media play buttons let you control your favorite playlist right off the rip.

This slim keyboard also has a tilt angle which makes it more ergonomic while typing. The key switches are so well-designed that they are quite silent but give you a nice little feedback with a click when you type.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

There was a time when different products were used for different platforms. It was more like a “Basket of Remotes” problem. Being a user, you’d have to search for compatible devices that work with whatever platform you’re running.

But now, the word “Internet of Things” has made things quite convenient. Our Magic Keyboard is just another blessing of technology. It comes with a cross-platform compatibility feature that allows you to operate it on any platform whether it’s iOS, Mac, Android, or Windows device.

RGB and Backlighting

Your favorite streamer has it too!

The backlit keyboards are great for dark settings and when the backlighting effect is in RGB, it makes it more attractive. The Magic Keyboard comes with three lighting modes. The first one features simple white light for dark environments. The second one is the breathing mode in which you can choose to have a static color.

And finally comes the RGB! The RGB spectrum on this ergonomic keyboard is so vibrant that it not only attracts a lot of eyeballs but also gives your keyboard a modern look.

Color Scheme

The Magic Keyboard comes in three different color options. The design is the same but the color variation can make a huge difference. The pink, green, and white are the colors that we preferred to feature in our all-purpose Magic Keyboard.


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