Monthly Archives: September 2021

Stogapink Panda Joypad Controller

A perfect joypad can make your gaming experience smooth, especially when it fits well in your hands. Just a decade before, there was no such concept of the ergonomics of joypads and most of the gamers already know the struggle behind it. Using a joypad nowadays is totally a different experience. The manufacturers have started […]

Cute Kawaii Large Gaming Mouse Pad with Stitched Edges

Who doesn’t need a comfortable desktop experience while gaming? Everyone does! Stogapink is here with another pink stuff. You can now make your desktop setting look more adorable with our Cute Kawaii extended mouse pad that comes with a Wrist Rest. The adorable design of this large mouse pad will help you complete your overall pink desktop setting. Complete Your Pink […]

Wireless Mute Keyboard and Mouse Combo 2.4G

Who doesn’t love a Honeycomb Mesh, huh? And what if your keyboard has it too? Honeycomb mesh design has always been charming. So, we came up with a unique and creative design to make your fantasy come true. Our new Wireless Mute Keyboard comes with an amazing hexagonal-shaped button along with a perfect mouse combo […]

Everything You Need to Know About Magic Keyboard

Looking for a slim, easy-to-carry, and ergonomic keyboard? We’ve got your back with our Magic Keyboard! Whether you’re an office guy, a student, or anyone who has a routine need to interact with the computer, you would definitely need a keyboard that caters to all your needs. Other than being slim and smart, you might want […]