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Yoga is an extensive collection of unique exercises and techniques, aimed at uniting the body, mind, and spirit. The cumulative result is a state of enlightenment of the spirit. It is comprised of three main elements – exercise, breathing, and meditation.

A yoga session requires a peaceful and clean environment, free from noise pollution and the hustle and bustle of the city. It also requires essentials like yoga mats and a water bottle.

Once you’re in the groove of things and have accepted yoga as your holy grail to enlightenment and meditation, there comes a time where a beginner yogi decides to purchase a yoga mat. There was once a time when the only choice a yogi had was in the color of the yoga mat they were purchasing. With extensive research and advancements in production, yoga mats are now available in a variety of thicknesses, colors, and shapes; depending on the usage of individual yogis.

Given that your body is in close proximity to yoga mats while performing yoga routines, it is important to have information about the kind of compounds in your yoga mat. Initially made from PVCs, yoga mats were considered harmful to the environment. The toxins released in the air from PVC production and degradation after use, make them a material frowned upon in environmental circles.

Lucky for our readers, the Thick Yoga Mat introduced on Stoga Pink is make from eco-friendly and durable materials, making it a safer choice for the planet. Made from TPE (Thermoplastic elastomers), this is a hybrid material manufactured from plastic and rubber, which can be recycled and is not a source of toxins which can damage the environment.

Comprising of dual-sided grippy texture, this yoga mat will prevent the yogis from slipping if the yoga mat gets moist, and the ideal thickness of 6-8mm will provide sufficient cushioning to the dependent parts of the body while performing yoga asanas. The bottom part with the print of the two feet has slightly more thickness than the top of the mat, as this provides support to the heel of the yogi. This has been scientifically proven to benefit yogis, as the feet bear the brunt of the weight while yogis retain their position in asanas. Measuring 130 X 63 cm, our Thick Yoga Mat is suitable for beginner and professional yogis and will give them the confidence needed to maintain their poses without the fear of slipping and injuring them.

Available in two color choices, our yoga mat has a non-conventional flat cylindrical and compact design, allowing the yogi to fold it and carry it in any bag. A minimal weight of 695g negates the need for lugging an extra yoga mat bag on your shoulders, as modern products are designed with keeping in mind the ease of the customer.

The Stoga Pink thick yoga mat is also sweatproof and waterproof, and any moisture can be wiped clean easily with a cloth. Manufacturing from TPE also ensures that this yoga mat is not prone to cracks and tears, and can endure years and years of usage, rolling, and cleaning. Equipped with an affordable price tag of 30$, our Thick Yoga mat will be a reliable companion in your yoga journey.

Skipping Mat for Exercise & Yoga, Household Non-Slip Mute Mat (4)

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Skipping Mat for Exercise & Yoga, Household Non-slip Mute Mat


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