Bazier-“Pink Skirt”

Frederick Bazier

Born in Montpellier, France

Impressionist painter

Frederick Bazier was born in Montpellier. He was born into a bourgeois upper class who believed in Protestantism. He studied medicine and painting when he was in Paris. Makes him relaxed and happy.

When registering and studying painting in the studio of the Swiss painter Greer, he met three painters Monet, Renoir, and Sisley, and soon became close friends.
Although Frederick Bazier is not very rich in life, he can often help them.
It is recognized that he is more obsessed with expressing bright colors and

depicting the freshness of the air than anyone.
In this way, destiny connected the pioneers of Impressionism, even though they did not know that they were preparing for the painting school more than a decade later.

Although he lives in Paris, Brazier returns to Merrick’s house near Montpellier every summer.

There, maybe in the summer of 1864, to create the large-scale landscape painting “Pink Skirt” that everyone knows now.

His cousin Teres de Urs poses on the railing of the terrace overlooking the village of Castellanorelais.

This is one of the earliest important works of this 24-year-old rookie painting artist.

At first, Brazier probably wanted to make a portrait, because, in a first draft belonging to a museum fund, the face of a young woman was presented, and in this painting, her face avoided the sight of the audience.

During the painting process, the concept of outdoor portrait painting seems to have changed, becoming a mixed painting, but the theme is modern: a realistic landscape painting depicts a typical and bright light in detail. In an ordinary southern village, the painter puts the profile of a young woman in the half-bright and half-dark light, and she poses casually.

In this simple appearance, there is no hint of connotation and is even a little unpretentious. In the contrast color series, the painting is made with a strong contrast method. The paint is thick, and the subtle changes in tones are few, but it is not without the difference in shades, models. The pink and blue-gray stripes of Er’s dress are very delicate.

In the choice of themes, Brazier approached his friends Monet and Renoir, and they all used their ways of expression to express their contemporaries in outdoor scenes, the favorite objects of future Impressionist painters. However, his painting methods are strongly contrasted and a bit blunt. This is his characteristic. In his short painting career, his painting methods have changed very little.

This painting seems to have never been exhibited during the artist’s lifetime, but there is no doubt that the unclear theme, bright tones, originality of the composition, free and easy brushwork, and simplicity of the painting are completely different from what mainstream painters at the time were used to. The principle of certainty.

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