Pink Building, Spring is Born

Pink is a happy color and has a profound emotional impact on people. It symbolizes the atmosphere of joy, just like “home”, friendly, peaceful, and joyful. According to research in color psychology, pink is considered a calming color that highlights kindness and femininity. Pink is reminiscent of romance and vacation. Its light and bright tone makes people relax and calm down.

It is located in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula and covers an area of ​​135 square meters. It was completed by Mexican architecture TACO, and their office is on the first floor.

The Yucatan Peninsula is located between the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea. Other projects in the area include the IK Lab art gallery in Tulum, the outdoor corridors of Casa Sitpach, and a boutique hotel once belonging to the notorious local drug lord, this hotel was designed by Pablo Escobar.

The building has two floors, with an atrium in the middle, planted with green plants such as palm trees, echoing the surrounding environment. All walls and ceilings are painted with polished plaster and the raw soil on the site is used.

Its design is inspired by the traditional architecture of Mayan culture, as well as the local Franciscan monastery and Yucatan traditional manor. Therefore, it can be seen that this building incorporates a variety of elements, which abstractly express the characteristics of the local architectural heritage.

The flat roof of the building is made of water-proof concrete and insulated with polystyrene panels, while the sanitary facilities distinguish different water functions.

“The building foundation consists of concrete blocks, concrete panels, and beams. This practice is most common in this area,” TACO said.

The selection of construction materials takes into account climatic factors, and these materials can withstand the high temperature and humid weather in tropical regions. The ground is made of white concrete, with some gaps in it for ground drainage.

Taking into account the environmental factors, TACO also used some termite-resistant hardwoods and toughened glass with aluminum frames in the construction materials. Indoor spaces, including mosquito nets and pools, can resist insects and local animals groups.

The soft pink used in the building echoes the local plants, and at the same time attracts local birds and other species.

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