Pink Building, Spring is Born(2)

Located on the island of Sao Miguel in Portugal, it is a homestay. It was completed by the Mezzo Atelier architectural studio, which has offices in Italy and Portugal, and Arco Mais.
In the course of the project, the designer transformed a stable that was built in the early 20th century into two pink-colored guest houses. The design aims to maintain the inherent characteristics of the building, external lines, and environmental atmosphere, and to adapt to contemporary design forms and requirements with a new structure, so you can see that the sense of history and the sense of modernity coexist harmoniously.
The main building is divided into two floors. The space on the lower level is open to the outdoors; the half-floor social space on the upper level establishes a good connection with the private suite.
The planning of the upper social space is more flexible and free, and the occupants can define the functions of the space according to the height and width of the space. Stepping into the ochre-colored restaurant, visitors can step onto the outdoor terrace from here.
It is worth mentioning that the furniture and industrial design of the interior furnishings were all completed by two architects of Mezzo Atelier. The carefully customized indoor furniture creates a peaceful and neutral atmosphere for the living environment, turning the outdoor garden into the visual focus of the living environment.
The locally produced cedar is used extensively in the construction of architecture and interior furniture, while the custom-made long tables in the interior are made from pine and acacia trees near the site.
“The main goal of the design is to retain the original features, lines, and rural atmosphere of the structure,” explained the designer Mezzo Atelier in charge of the project.

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