Is the Humidifier Really Useful?

Whether it is summer or winter, when we turn on the air conditioner indoors, we will feel that the room is very dry and uncomfortable. At this time, many people will buy humidifiers to increase indoor humidity. Nowadays, humidifiers are everywhere in our homes or offices. Let me introduce the functions and benefits of humidifiers. What kind of water is the best humidifier and which season is the best humidifier? Let’s take a look.

The function and benefits of a humidifier 

(1). The main function of humidifying air humidifier is to humidify the air. In winter, the air is dry, especially in hot and dry indoors. So dry, now ultrasonic humidifiers disperse water molecules and atomize them into the air. If the water used in the humidifier is pure, it will not harm the body.
(2). Protect the respiratory tract Dry air can easily cause respiratory diseases, especially in vulnerable groups such as the elderly and children. A dry environment can easily cause various respiratory infections such as asthma, emphysema, and bronchitis. The humidifier can increase the humidity in the air, thereby protecting people’s respiratory tract and reducing the chance of respiratory tract infection.
(3). Slow down the aging of furniture. In a dry environment, the furniture will accelerate aging, and even deform and crack. The preservation of the above items requires indoor humidity to be maintained between 45%-65%RH, but the indoor humidity in winter is far below this standard. The humidifier increases the humidity in the air so that the room is always warm and moist so that the furniture can be stored and used longer.
(4). Moisturizing the skin The indoor climate is very dry in winter. You can use a humidifier to make the indoor air moist. Naturally, your skin will be affected by the humidifier and become less dry, so that your body will be more comfortable.
(5). In addition to humidifying the air, the humidifier can also put some aromatherapy materials in the humidifier. Some aromatherapy can promote sleep.

What kind of water is best for humidifiers, it is usually very hot in summer.

Because the weather sometimes causes physical discomfort due to dryness, many people will choose to buy a humidifier for themselves so that they can replenish moisture. Many people don’t know what water is best for humidifiers. Let me introduce it to you today.

(1)Purified water: Yes, it is recommended to add some vinegar to sterilize it.
(2)Distilled water: Yes, let it cool after boiling, and filter some impurities and alkalis in it with filter paper.
(3)Mineral water: generally contains a lot of minerals, which will damage the humidifier and pollute the air, and breed bacteria.
(4)Tap water: Tap water cannot be directly added to the humidifier. Because the tap water contains a variety of minerals, it will damage the evaporator of the humidifier, and the water alkali it contains will also affect its service life. Chlorine atoms and microorganisms in tap water may be blown into the air with water mist and cause pollution. If the tap water has high hardness, the water mist sprayed by the humidifier contains calcium and magnesium ions, which will produce white powder and pollute the indoor air.

Which season is the best humidifier?

(1)The temperature in summer is very high. Many people will not only turn on the air conditioner in the office, but also turn on the air conditioner when they return home. Air-conditioning has become an indispensable electrical appliance, but the use of air-conditioning makes the air very dry. People who stay indoors for a long time are prone to symptoms such as dry mouth and dry throat. Therefore, when using the air conditioner in summer, it is best to use it with a humidifier.

(2)The weather in autumn and autumn is inherently dry. Use a humidifier to keep the indoor relative humidity between 40%-60%, and people will feel very comfortable. In addition, the humidifier can filter bacteria and particles in the air, which is beneficial to the health of the respiratory tract..

(3)Humidifiers in winter are also indispensable in winter. Use humidifiers in winter to moisturize the air and be accompanied by abundant negative oxygen ions, which can improve the hot environment and promote human health. When using a humidifier, it is best to be equipped with a humidity thermometer to check the indoor humidity at any time, so as to control the opening of the humidifier to achieve a better use effect.

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