Is the Air Purifier Really Practical?

Air purifiers have become the most commonly used electrical appliances in households. Aiming at serious pollution and haze weather, air purifiers can effectively purify indoor air and ensure people’s health; as the air purifier industry continues to expand, more and more With the emergence of the brand, people have questions about the usefulness of air purifiers. We can talk about the usefulness of air purifiers through the following aspects.

1. When is the effective working time of the air purifier?

Some people choose 24-hour operations in order to improve the air quality. This is not impossible. Just like an air conditioner, the owner can choose 24-hour operation, but for no one at home, turning on the electrical appliances to purify the air does not make much sense. ; At the same time for electrical appliances, they have their own lifespan. The long-term opening will cause serious electrical wear and reduce the service life, making the replacement time of the electrical appliances too fast; the effective use time of the air purifier is due to the selection of people when there is no one It can be closed when

2. Whether the air purifier can purify the air

If you want to test the usefulness of the air purifier, you can use a portable testing device to observe the changes in air concentration before and after the purifier is used. According to the data, it can be shown to a certain extent whether the air purifier is effective. However, there will be deviations between consumer test data and experimental data. After all, scientific experimental tests are more complete.

3. How far is the distance between the air purifier and people when it is used?

In a relatively small room, the distance of the air purifier has little effect on the concentration in the room, but the closer it is to the purifier, the sensation of blowing, loud noise, and the adsorption of pollutants in the air to the periphery of the purifier, etc. Disadvantages, so when the air purifier is working, it is best to stay away from people.

4. Is the air purifier more effective the larger the air output?

The performance evaluation index of the air purifier is CADR (clean air volume) = air volume × purification efficiency of the purifier. When the purification efficiency of one pass is the same, the larger the air volume, the better the air quality. It is better if you cannot unilaterally say that the air volume is large.

5. Effective purification space of air purifier

Air purifiers cannot purify the air in the entire house when they are used to purify the air. There are limits to the range when they are used. The larger the range, the worse the effect; the general household air purifier does not exceed 30 square meters, so the room area is larger. Large ones, consumers need at least two.

6. Is there a direct relationship between the purification effect and outdoor air?

The interior is not a closed space. Outdoor air will enter the room through doors and windows. When the concentration of indoor and outdoor air is the same, the outdoor air will flow into the room, making the purification effect insignificant. At the same time, the processing capacity of the purifier increases. The purification effect will be worse, shortening the service life. Therefore, the purpose of using the purifier is to close the doors and windows, which cannot prevent the circulation of internal and external air, but can minimize convection as much as possible.

7. How to judge the frequency of replacing the filter element of the air purifier

Different purifiers have different functions. Some purifiers have alarm functions or product reminders, some are calculated by time, and some are pressure sensors. Not every purifier will be installed; sometimes consumers need to send them by themselves. Turn on the air purifier and observe the state of the filter element to replace the filter element.

8. Is the popular DIY air purifier useful?

A DIY air purifier is a kind of self-made air purifier, which has a purifying effect when in use. However, compared with professional purifiers, the purifying effect of DIY air purifiers is far from insufficient, and DIY air purifiers are prone to leakage and leakage when used. The use of hidden dangers such as overheating and fire is not recommended.
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