Why do Cats Like to Play with Yarn Balls?

In fact, this is a kind of hunting instinct of cats. Cats naturally like to chase moving objects. The ball of yarn can always roll ~ it will chase the ball of rolling yarn, and after catching it, hold it to play, just like catching a mouse. Not only thread balls but also paper balls. In fact, the cat is just using the ball of yarn as a small animal to hone its hunting skills-or that it really wants to kill the ball of yarn…

The ball of yarn looks fluffy, and the size is similar to that of small animals, so in the eyes of cats, it is not a ball of yarn, but a “small animal covered in soft hair”, which translates as “very good mouthful” Prey”—especially when the ball of yarn is rolling around in front of it!

Many mammals, many birds, and a small number of reptiles have this play behavior of cats. It can be said that this is an exercise for cats to survive as adults. Cats can learn what actions they should take in a certain environment by playing with a ball of wool, and know-how to react differently to different stimuli. In subsequent life, these behaviors will improve the cat’s fitness. Practice the skills needed for cats to survive, cultivate social relationships, and so on.

Let’s share the new skills the cat gets through playing with her friends:

Learn how to hunt

When the cat plays with his friends, it includes various hunting skills that will be used in the future, such as sneaking, tracking, and chasing. Although cats will certainly not treat each other as prey, they often imitate certain aspects of hunting when playing, which will train them to be excellent hunters.

Make cats more social

In order for cats to better integrate into society and have better mental health, cats need social training. Parents should know that although cats spend a lot of time with humans when they are young, they will trust humans more when they grow up, but cats still need to spend some time with other cats or other underage cats. They learn how to socialize, and at the same time, they consume their excess energy, which can prevent cats from having too much energy to ask their relatives to play with them at night.

Make the cat’s body more coordinated

Little milk cats appear cuter when they play with each other, mainly because their bodies are not very coordinated. Playing and playing can help kittens improve their hand/eye coordination and make them more confident in running, jumping, and climbing.

Learn how to communicate with other cats

The playful play among the kittens will make the cats start to learn and understand the information exchanged between the cats. When a playmate’s tail or ears are in a certain position, kittens will gradually understand its basic meaning, which will help the cat understandably and safely communicate with other cats in future life.

Build confidence in cats

A shy kitty can build self-confidence by playing with other kitties. Every time the kitty successfully threw another kitty to the ground, it will become stronger, braver, and learn to control its body better.

The degree to be grasped when mastering the game

Cats who grow up without the company of other kittens usually do not understand the boundaries of the game. They can easily bite or scratch people during the game. However, those who have played with other kittens Cats will soon learn how to grasp when scratching or biting while playing.

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