First Look at The Pink Buildings Scattered in This World (4)

Los Angeles Paul Smith

A whole pink net red wall
No matter what age you are
The girl’s heart is overflowing, right?
If you are a girl who can dance
That would be better
Spin, jump, close your eyes
Stretch out your beautiful dancing posture to your heart’s content

Speaking of Paul Smith, I have to mention the Paul Smith store on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles. As a city landmark and a mecca for selfies, it’s strange to say that no matter what you wear, it won’t go against this pink. and. This cube shop was built in 2005. With pink, solid, and charming colors, this building is a meeting point, famous scenic spot, and a reference point for tourists and locals alike.

Unlike romantic pink, the pink here is more gorgeous and hotter. Mature women can easily hold and live without being cute. Of course, this is also one of the favorite photo spots for foreign trendy bloggers. Rainbow-colored ice cream with a rainbow-colored wall makes it more delicious.

Fujian Pebbledash Church

Recently, the old city of Fuzhou has appeared
A pink church–
Pebbledash church
Located next to the 80-year-old Flower Lane Christian Church
The bright pink makes the church very eye-catching
Let this quickly become a photo spot for internet celebrities

This church was designed by the German designer Dirk U. Moench, the founder of the architectural design studio INUCE, who also designed the new church of Jinshan Christian Church in Fuzhou. The new building contains a hall that can accommodate 1,500 people and two multifunctional spaces that can accommodate approximately 500 people. The rest are music rehearsal rooms, offices, classrooms, and general activity rooms. The designer Moench increased the height of the building as much as possible to expand the space within the specified range. The roof forms a triangular slope with high and low staggered heights to echo the spire of the old church. At the same time, the surrounding landscape and sightlines are introduced into the building to construct a “scattered city skyline”.

The architect gave Xintang a vibrant pink color. This youthful color complements the aging attraction of the granite exterior of the old church and expresses the intergenerational changes in the development of the congregation. To provide additional service space, two amphitheaters were created on the two roofs of the church, effectively connecting the church and the city’s activities. In the tall buildings surrounded by far and near, facing the “broader audience”-the city, share and exchange joy and faith.


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