Explosive New Joycon Patent Map

The main USPTO of the tubing up has released a new patented design drawing of the Joy-Con handle. He claimed that the patent was originally filed in 2018, but was not approved until around March this year.

It can be seen from this patent drawing that this design is indeed possible to solve the problem of joystick drift, because this new design directly cancels the joystick, of course, there will be no problem of joystick drift.

This version of Joy-Con basically uses the 3DS button scheme that players are familiar with, except that the cross key and the pie rocker have been swapped up and down. The top is the cross key, and the middle is the Circle Pad rocker. The 4 buttons at the bottom have been changed to the design of two vertical buttons.

In other design aspects, it is not very different from the current joycon handle. Author: RTTSwitch Jun

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