First Look at The Pink Buildings Scattered in This World (3)

MalaysiaMasjid Putra

The Pink Mosque in Putrajaya, Malaysia
It is modeled after the Hassan Mosque in Casablanca, Morocco
Is the largest mosque in Malaysia
It is also the largest floating mosque in Southeast Asia
Even the halal clothes in the temple are pink

The Pink Mosque (Masjid Putra) is located in the new administrative center of Malaysia-Putrajaya (official translation: Putrajaya), covering an area of ​​5.5 hectares and costing US$10 million. Three-quarters of the main building of the mosque is built on the water, and the exterior is pink, which is different from the general blue or green, so it is also called the “water pink mosque”. The appearance of the roof of the hall looks like a large umbrella, composed of 49 large and small round arches. The largest circular arch is 45 meters in diameter and has 18 radiating starbursts, representing 13 states in the country and the five precepts of Islam. The shape of the spire of the Great Minaret resembles a rocket, meaning that Islam and science develop together and prosper together. The tower is 73 meters high, with elevators and stairs leading to the upper end.

The exterior of the Pink Mosque is all pink, the color is quite soft, and it is built with a lot of rose marble. The temple has a beautiful shape, and its style and decoration are similar to the three major mosques in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. It is mainly composed of a prayer hall, a large minaret and a mausoleum. It looks like a pink marshmallow from a distance.

The Palace of Wind, Jaipur, India

Can you imagine the whole city is pink?
Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan, India
Is a dreamy pink city
And the palace of the wind
Is the most eye-catching pink building in Jaipur

Jaipur, also known as the Wind Palace, wasbuilt in the middle of the 18th century. Said it is a “palace”, but in a strict sense, it is a wall. The walls are densely lined with 953 windows, classical and exquisite, making people unforgettable at first sight! Many windows were opened on the walls of the palace, allowing wind to blow in from anywhere in the palace. If there is a strong wind, as long as the windows are opened, the strong wind will blow through the front and rear windows without knocking down the palace. The Palace of Wind is said to have the meaning of standing tall, and it is a masterpiece in the history of Indian architecture.

The Palace of Wind is colorful and exquisite in design, and the whole is noble and magnificent. In order to facilitate the harem concubine to see the scenery, the ruler of the time built such a building with numerous hollow windows, which made this beautiful building now. There are no magnificent halls and magnificent rooms behind the wall, only beehive-like windows, which are hollowed out of red sandstone to form a half-octagonal shape. The symmetrical design makes the pink palace naughty and dignified, and it is also a kind of wonderful sentiment.

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