First Look at The Pink Buildings Scattered in This World (2)

Spain Red Wall La Muralla Roja

La Muralla Roja was built in the 1970s
Spanish means “red wall”
The architectural layout of the red wall is particularly like the world in the dimension
If you are not careful, you will fall into a pink time and space
But it is more suitable to be called “color wall”
Except for the outermost one is red
The whole building is scattered with different shades of pink, purple and blue

This Spanish building is called La Muralla Roja. It was built in 1973 and contains a total of 50 apartments, with a swimming pool on the roof and a restaurant on the ground floor. An experimental building designed by Spanish architect Ricardo Bofill. Inspired by the shape of the traditional North African castle in the Mediterranean region, the architect referred to the most common Mediterranean Arab architectural form in the design of the building. The eye-catching color of the exterior and interior of the building either contrasts sharply with the natural environment or further completes this pure architectural form.

This castle-like project seems to have emerged out of thin air from the rocky cliff on which it is located. The boundaries between public and private spaces are increasing, and the structure of the building faces this challenge with its reinterpretation of the North African castle. The structure of the project consists of a series of distinctive interlocking stairs, platforms, and bridges. It is a modern interpretation of the typical North African castle circulation route, providing access for all 50 apartments in the residential building. In the words of Taller de Arquitectura Architects, “The geometric basis of the layout is also similar to the theory of constructivism, which makes the red-walled house reproduce the theory of this architectural school.”

Mexico Cuadra San Cristóbal

This pink stable was in 2016
After Louis Vuitton shoots a fashion blockbuster here
Started to catch fire on ins
Quickly become a mecca for the photoshoot and check-in of the net celebrity sister
Bring a sense of the future to LV this season
At the same time fits the theme of this season: travel

In 1964, Barragán began to use pink to express the emotional art in architecture. He advocated constructing architectural spaces without any specific order, creating spaces full of emotion and poetry, and expressing basic issues of life through water, abstract geometry, and colors. The pink stables were designed and built-in in 1967 by the famous Mexican architect Luis Barragán, who was the winner of the second Pritzker Prize in 1980. It fully demonstrated Barragan’s extraordinary use of space, materials, and colors.

This is a combination of stables and villas. The area where horses live is pink, and the area where people live is white. The stables are designed completely for the life needs of horses. The key recommendation is the pink stable area (focus!) It is said that the pink color of this wall is named after the designer, the unique Balagan powder. When the ingredients were first constructed, the recipe was not passed down. Later Repaint it every two years.


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