First Look at The Pink Buildings Scattered in This World (1)

Girls like pink
It’s as unreasonable as if your mother beat you
Just like it
Clothes like pink
Huahua likes pink
Bags who like pink.
People who have watched the movie “The Grand Budapest Hotel” must be longing for the pink Grand Hotel, but in fact, the pink Grand Budapest Hotel does not exist in reality. They are all model shots. Although the Grand Budapest Hotel only exists in movies, fortunately, there are many such dreamy pink buildings in the real world.
From ins to Pinterest to Tumblr, pink has contracted the hottest and most popular fashion web red, and “pink building” has also become popular. Today, the editor of EASECOX International Education will unlock a few pink buildings for everyone. If you have a girlish heart, you can go to check in~
Sacred Heart Church of Jesus, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Ho Chi Minh City, known as “Oriental Paris”
The buildings are full of a strong French atmosphere
One of the most romantic is this pink building
Pink color from outside to inside
Like a pink castle in a fairy tale
The church built in 1876 has intricate Gothic and Renaissance elements and is 60 meters high. It is considered the second cathedral in Ho Chi Minh City, second only to the Church of Our Lady of the Maharajas of Saigon in District 1. The church that was once an orphanage and boarding school was beautifully repainted pink in December 1976. The building is well-proportioned, solemn, and magnificent. The two 40-meter-high bell towers pierce the sky, which is modeled after the bell tower of Notre Dame de Paris. The red bricks used to build the church were all shipped from France, and they have not faded in the slightest.
It is the most beautiful pink church in the world. Everywhere is like a studio, and even every corner is a great place to take pictures. The whole church is full of girlish hearts and French architecture. Even if you have been to Europe to see countless churches, you will still be amazed at first glance, because the entire church is presented with a dreamy pink color, and the sacred and solemn religion has become much gentler here, and it is also under the sun. Fascinated by the dazzling colors. Pink corridors, exterior walls, painted windows.


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