The Only Pink Beach in The World, The Sexiest Beach in The World

When it comes to the Bahamas, many people will confuse Panama or even Cuba. Panama is a land country in Central America (whether there is a canal), and the Bahamas is an island country on the west coast of the Atlantic Ocean, located east of Florida, the United States, Cuba, and the Caribbean. North. Composed of more than 700 islands and coral reefs, the capital Nassau (Nassau) was once a British colony.

The only pink beach in the world is here, where the Pirates of the Caribbean was filmed, right here.

The Bahamas was voted the sexiest beach in the world by the US “Newsweek”. As for the Bahamas, it is the “Best Honeymoon Location” nominated by the “Bride” and “Modern Bride” magazines in the United States. Here, the so-called sentiment is just the best flirtation.

The sea in the Bahamas, in most cases, is not that pure blue, but a pink and tender color. The pink green is a bit more ambiguous than other seas.

As a famous pink beach, it may not be a “qualified” tourist attraction. It is too quiet and undisturbed. At first glance, there is nothing but endless pink. But, it is beauty, beauty. You can hear the echo of happiness.

The pink sand has rendered the clear water into pink. The pink beach is actually composed of white sand and pink sand. The pink “sand” is the remains of unique local foraminifera. After being hit by a big wave or hit by fish, they will fall off the reef in clusters and finally washed up on the beach, turning into pink “sand”.

The gentle waves, perhaps, this is the most unsuitable beach for surfing, but it is the gentlest beach where people can’t help but want to embrace it and indulge in it.

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