My Pink World

What kind of room do you want to have, whether it is a leafy jungle, an underwater world, or a pink palace. Most people like things of the same color, such as light pink seats, cherry blossom pink walls, orange pink blankets, plum pink pillows. I like comfort. I don’t have to have noble and elegant ornaments, but there must be lights that make people feel comfortable. I can have no high-end computer accessories, but they must be smooth, in line with my aesthetics, and just right.

For example, the seat surface can be messy, or it can be clean and tidy. When it must be filled with my favorite dolls, I like the feeling of a soft doll in my arms. Some people say that it takes up too much space and looks crowded. , But I hate the loneliness and quiet environment even more. I finally end a tiring day and rest in my well-decorated room. Who can not like it?

I also like to stick the things I like on the wall, photos, pendants, small shelves that can be nailed to the wall, and even dried flowers and plants. The white decoration and the pink wall complement each other. In order to please myself, I even decorate a wall with my favorite screen and hang colorful lights on it. What I like most is to turn off the lights in my room at night and turn on the small LED lights on the wall, just like a princess night room. What you are in is bliss.

Some people do not understand why they spend so much money on some dispensable decorations, dolls, and even mouse and keyboard one after another. According to my idea, I explain that because I like it, I do. Why do people keep pets? This is spiritual sustenance. Why do some people watch anime, that is their own beliefs, why some people spend a lot of money to buy a home, undoubtedly it is to make themselves comfortable and end the day’s hard work, isn’t what we have left is this little world?


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