What to Look for in a Gaming Headset

Sound is absolutely critical to the gaming experience. If asked to name the most important features of a game, most people would suggest things like the gameplay or the graphics. However, sound is far more important than you might think. Whether it’s a soundtrack creating an atmosphere, effects that amplify the action or the sounds and noises that provide feedback from action, great sound enhances gameplay. So, what are the key things that you need to consider.

Sound quality

Probably the most important factor is the quality of the sound. You can probably get away with using the cheap in-ear headphones you got with your phone, but the small speakers will be less than ideal, lacking depth and perhaps even sounding tinny. Over-ear headphones are far better. With larger drivers, the parts that vibrate to create the noise, they offer a far richer sound, especially bass sounds.

Noise cancellation is also a feature to look for. Over-ear headphones help by creating a seal that limits external noise, but noise-cancelling headphones go one better. By listening for the ambient noise in the room, noise-cancelling headphones can make another noise that compensates. While this may seem strange, making more noise so you hear less noise, it works because sound is a wave, and the two cancel each other out: all you hear is the immersive noise from your game.

Mic quality

Many online games now feature chat, and many people use services like Discord to chat while playing. Having a good quality mic will allow you to take part in the chat, so you can trash-talk opponents or co-ordinate your strategies. Look for adjustable mics, since that will mean you can move the mic so it’s comfortable. It also means other players don’t have to hear your heavy breathing during tense gameplay, it also helps prevent your ‘p’s from popping during your playing patter!


You will be wearing the headset for a long time, so you need to know it won’t give you a headache. Look for key features like comfortable padding around the ears and on the frame: essentially, make sure there’s plenty of cushioning wherever it is in contact with your head.

You should also make sure that the headset is adjustable. To work well it needs to have a close, but not too tight, fit. Look for headsets that can adjust so they will accommodate every type of head size and shape. Some headphones, like many in Somic’s range of gaming headsets, feature dual headbands, one to keep the pieces snug, while another holds the position on the head, meaning there isn’t a single headband that creating uncomfortable pressure.


You need to make sure that the headset you buy will connect with the gaming systems you use. The most common connections will be with wireless Bluetooth or a standard 3.5 mm jack, and these are the most common types of connection on headsets. If you are a PC gamer you might need a headset with two jacks, for separate headphone and mic inputs, also most other systems will use a single, combined, jack.

There are some gamers who prefer wired connections. The first wireless headsets and controllers had poor latency — or delays — in their connections, which could prove fatal in games where split-second reactions mattered. Wireless technology has improved enormously over the years, so latency is much less of an issue, but connections can still drop, and sometimes wireless pairings can be lost at frustrating times.


Ultimately, you are gaming because you want to have fun. And that should extend to your headset too. A functional headset is fine, but consider one with a bit of character that gives you joy whenever you wear it. From 19th century designers like William Morris, to modern minimalists like Marie Kondo, the importance of loving your objects has long been known. So, whether it’s for in-game video chat, or just something only you know you’ve got on, make sure they are something you love to wear.

A headset that combines them all?

The Somic Headset with Mic for PC, Tablets and Smartphones has everything you should look for. With 40 mm drivers offering great sound-quality enhanced by noise cancellation, the over-ear design ensure they offer an immersive experience.

They are fully adjustable, ensuring that the earpieces fit snugly, but comfortably, while the flexible mic can be positioned precisely to ensure sound quality. The headset has a combined 3.5 mm jack plug, which also has a volume control and mute button for the mic, but comes with an adapter for systems that have separate audio and mic sockets.

And they are pink! But why is that good? Pink mixes the energy and passion of red with the purity and tranquility of white. It creates something in between, a color that is energetic, youthful, and playful. It symbolizes health and love.

stogapink.com specializes in finding high-quality products that are attractive and colorful, so you don’t have to put up with the lifeless beige, black, and grey that dominate most stores’ shelves.

As well as being pink, the headset comes with a cute cartoon cat face on the earpieces, and adorable (and removable) cat ears on the headband, you will only be able to wear these with a smile on your face.

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Headset with Mic for PC, Tablets and Smartphones


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