Different Electric Fans

The Personal Air Conditioner Wearable Fan by STOGA is the perfect way to combat hot and sweaty summer days while still looking cute and fashionable. Our portable pink electric fan is safe, light-weight, and rechargeable and features low-noise technology, a cat paw design, and long-wearing comfort. The low-noise technology means it is safe to wear everywhere you go and that you can move confidently through your day without overheating or being distracted by fan noise. The pink cat paw design with matching silicon hose is not only cute but functional, and it features one-click control to effortlessly adjust the portable electric fan wherever you are. In addition, the personal electric fan’s unique light-weight design enables long-wearing comfort without getting a headache or feeling fatigued. The two built-in 1000 mAh batteries allow for 2-6 hours between recharge times, meaning you can take your pink electric fan with you to stay cool all day long before needing to recharge. Furthermore, it features three adjustable speeds, low/medium/high, so you are always comfortable no matter what temperature environments you experience. Free your hands and cool off in style with STOGA’s innovatively designed rechargeable personal electric fan with cat paw design offered in pink or white.

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Personal Air Conditioner Wearable Fan for Women/Men, Mini Handhold Rechargeable Fans


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